The Highest Solitude

The first portuguese on the top of Everest and the only one without artificial oxygen or altitude Sherpas.

Livro A Mais Alta Solidão

© João Garcia and Berta Rodrigues
1st Edition:
Publisher D. Quixote, May 2002, 259 pages
10th Edition:
Publisher Caderno, February 2011, 255 pages
14th Edition:
Publisher Lua de Papel, February, 2016, 255 pages
Only available in portuguese

Preface by Miguel Sousa Tavares: “So I follow Joao Garcia journey, seeing in each one of his steps, reported in the press, the mark of a solitary man who little by little gets rid of all that it superfluous – even the lantern that he will need for the descent, the external gloves that will cost him a few fingers, or his own lucidity that will cost him the tragedy of his return – until all that remains is the obstinacy of someone who, having waited so long for that moment, now knows, within reach of the summit, and the whole world at his feet, that there is no return and no regret. Only that climb to the top, to the limit – wherever it may be.”

“When I decided to devote all my efforts to climb mountains, all i could, I knew that death is part of that way of life, but he knew also what it takes to extend, in theory, the chances of survival. I knew the risks the stay at altitude, could identify danger signs, to know that up there we could not keep the same judgment that down here. we can not maintain a lucid and coherent thought, move us based on feelings, expense associations ideas . Did you know that getting there is not up to the end of history, that we need to come back. I knew that victory is give our best and get back as well. (…) I knew that winning is not reaching the summit, but return here and down safely and sit around a table with friends, remember how it was. I knew it all. and yet …”
João Garcia

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