Seven Summits

It’s called “Seven Summits” the project of climbing the highest peak of each continent, including Antarctica and both North and South America.

The North-American, Dick Bass, was the first to successfully climb to the summits of the tallest mountains of each continent, on 30th April, 1985. His list, nonetheless, includes Mount Kosciuszko  in Australia.

This concept of the” Seven Summits” has been widely disputed and there would practically have been the same number of mountaineers reaching all seven summits, considering either  Kosciuszko or  Carstensz Piramids, as the highest point of Oceania.

Joao Garcia followed Dick Bass project, as he was the first man to claim the seven summits.

Mt Everest 8849m – Nepal, Asia –  climbed in 1999

Mt Aconcagua 6949m – Argentina, South America – climbed in 1996

Mt Mc Kinley 6193m – Alaska, North America – climbed in 2002

Mt Elbrus 5642m – Russia, Europe – climbed in 2003

Mt Vinson 4897m, Antarctica –  climbed in 2003

Mt kilimanjaro 5894m – Tanzania, Africa – climbed in 2005

Mt Kosciuszko 2228m – Australia, Oceania – climbed in 2010