14 – A life on the Top of the World


1ª Edição: publisher Lua de Papel, May 2014, 199 pages

© João Garcia e Luis Francisco

Only available in portuguese


This book is the story of Joao Garcia, narrated by himself. Speaks of 14 mountains, but also 14 important people in his progression, the 14 skills needed to reach the top and 14 moments and locals that have marked him forever.

Evokes the unique sensation of seeing the world as few have seen it, the freedom that is looking at 360 degrees and know that it is impossible to go further. But speaks above all of this way of life on the edge, where one false step can mean death.

it’s a life lesson, the result of many dramatic adventures,.14 is an inspiring reading for all who dream to get higher, but have not yet had the courage to take that first step.