We viewed Gossip woman as a grownup which is PROBLEMATIC!

We viewed Gossip woman as a grownup which is PROBLEMATIC!

I adore Gossip woman, it really is my not too pleasure that is guilty. As a teen I’d a group of headbands become exactly like Blair Waldorf. I really could really recite the complete pilot episode now in the event that you desired me personally to.

It absolutely was a little while since We ventured back once again to the top of East Side in the shape of binge-watching Gossip woman on Netflix. Then when I made the decision to jump back I became truthfully shocked by the show! We watched this whenever I was 15 – I must not have now been viewing it whenever I had been 15.

Okay, it is in contrast to Game of Thrones levels bad but there are lots of questionable moments when you look at the show which make me wonder should this be fine showing to teenagers that are impressionable.

So just why precisely is this show so problematic? Well, I want to tell ya!

1. Chuck Bass is a predator that is sexual

Whenever I first watched Gossip woman (and most likely the 2nd and third time we rewatched it) we liked Chuck and Blair. They certainly were endgame.

Following the #MeToo movement stumbled on the fore, it is style of harder to watch the show and revel in their relationship. In the 1st two episodes Chuck sexually assaults both Jenny and Serena.

He kisses them without their permission and tries to force himself on it, as they repeatedly say no. After which we all have been said to be fine with him? Additionally exactly why is Nate friends with him? He understands he has got assaulted two of their buddies.

Anyhow, Chuck is trash – that’s all i must state!

2 cam4 mobile. There clearly was lot of underage drinking

You may be literal kiddies! Pic: Rex

Look, I’m perhaps perhaps not stupid i am aware that people drink underage. But like, Gossip Girl glamourised consuming to no end.

After all, Serena had been sipping martinis by the club day in and day trip. She ended up being 16, why had been she being offered liquor? This might be a lot more of a secret if you ask me than exactly just how on the planet Dan ended up being Gossip Girl (spoilers, sorry! ).

They did additionally tackle the hazards of medications, that was managed in addition to you can expect by this show. But seeing that their potential audience ended up being impressionable teens, maybe they need ton’t have so underage drinking that is much.

Specially for a college evening!

3. Individuals were sex that is having everyone else

It absolutely was all way too much!

Never to slut pity, however these literal young ones had been going at it like rabbits and I literally could maybe not connect any less.

Look, the pilot that is whole revolves all over reality Nate and Serena had intercourse for a club during the chronilogical age of 15. Additionally, I’m pretty sure that has been the very first time Nate had sex, and it also had been extremely impractical.

Additionally did anybody make use of a condom with this show? We doubt Nate had been simply holding one around with him just in case he went as a drunken Serena!

Additionally, there was clearly large amount of manipulative intercourse, mostly on Chuck’s part (shocker). He took both Blair and Jenny’s virginity once they had been obviously really upset. In order that’s not great, as you would expect.

4. Oh, and undoubtedly most of the grownups sleeping with young ones

I see you, Diana! Pic: Rex

I understand that everyone else in Gossip woman was at their 20s 16-year-olds that are playing plus it’s difficult to remember which they had been allowed to be kids.

Nonetheless they were all resting using their instructors and grownups, Serena had an event together with her instructor, Dan slept along with his instructor and Nate had a Mrs Robinson event with Elizabeth Hurley. Because, needless to say.

Most of this occurred once they had been underage therefore we had been all said to be ok with that?

No! No, this isn’t okay. Can the trope is killed by us in teenager dramas of experiencing affairs with instructors! Please and many thanks!

5. Additionally, everybody dated the same individuals

Me personally, racking your brains on that is dating whom

Blair dated Nate, then Serena dated Nate, Serena dated Dan, then Blair (really briefly) dated Dan. Chuck dated Blair and Vanessa, and Dan dated both Blair and Vanessa.

Perhaps the visitor boyfriends got within one the action. Carter Baizen (the boyfriend imo that is best) dated both Blair and Serena.

They reside in ny, I’m yes they could find other individuals up to now as opposed to the friend group that is same.

It’s and makes me personally super uncomfortable. Don’t date your best friend’s ex, please.

6. The female friendship that is bitchy

Exact Exact Same, Blair! Pic: Rex

Another trope we hate is the fact that girls can’t really be friends, all of us secretly hate the other person.

Blair and Serena’s relationship had been an ideal display of the, it got better by the end of the show although I think.

Nevertheless they had been constantly in competition and backstabbing each other, for literally no reason at all.

How may you keep pace? After all, used to do, every week that is single but please, females can in fact be buddies. We vow.

7. The relationships that are abusive

Well, Chuck, you will be the boyfriend that is worst, therefore tough!

Look, apart from the truth that Chuck is in fact a predator that is sexual relationship with Blair wasn’t as romantic as we first thought.

He manipulated her and ended up being constantly gaslighting her. She never ever trusted him, they are #CoupleGoals because he wasn’t trustworthy – yet

Additionally, Blair wasn’t an angel either. She ended up being in the same way manipulative to Nate, once they had been together. She also demanded he didn’t anymore see Serena (that has been kind of reasonable because he cheated on her behalf with Serena).

However their relationship had been super unhealthy. Oh and don’t get me started in the proven fact that Dan outed everyone’s secrets and lied in their mind day in day trip, making their lives miserable. Whilst still being Serena remained with him. Sure…

Despite most of these extremely, extremely problematic problems, i am going to remain watching this show before the time we die.